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Cavity – How To Prevent

Cavity Prevention Tips A cavity is also known as tooth decay is caused by different factors. Bacteria in your mouth, snacking frequently, having sugary drinks and not cleaning your teeth well. If your cavities aren’t treated then they can get larger and cause more damage. They can cause severe toothache, infection or tooth loss. Brushing …

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Emergency Dentist Near Me

Emergency Dentist Service If you have experienced pain or you’re in need of an emergency dentist then AH Dentistry is available to help you happily. We understand that emergencies can happen when you least expect it and you may struggle to find a doctor available. If you are experiencing a dental emergency such as: Severe …

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Dental Implants – How They Can Help You

Dental Implants Service Near Me Dental implants are a modern and permanent method for replacing any missing teeth.  A dental implant is inserted into the bone to support a crown, denture or a bridge. An advantage of the implant is it looks like a real natural tooth and will feel like your real tooth so …

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