Dental Bridge


What Is A Dental Bridge

If you have any missing teeth then your dentist can bridge the gaps. A dental bridge is a false tooth that is held in place by the teeth on either side of the gap. There are four main types of dental bridges:

  • traditional
  • cantilever
  • Maryland
  • implant-supported

Bridge Comparison

A traditional bridge consists of a false tooth that is being held in by dental crowns. It is the most popular type of dental bridge and can be used with your natural teeth on both sides. A cantilever is similar to a traditional type, it is held in place by a dental crown that is cemented to only one abutment tooth. A Maryland bridge works like a traditional except it uses a framework of metal or porcelain that is bonded on the backs of the abutment teeth. Implant supported bridge uses dental implants as opposed to crowns.

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