Dental Implants – How They Can Help You

dental implants

Dental Implants Service Near Me

Dental implants are a modern and permanent method for replacing any missing teeth.  A dental implant is inserted into the bone to support a crown, denture or a bridge. An advantage of the implant is it looks like a real natural tooth and will feel like your real tooth so you won’t feel uncomfortable. Besides having missing teeth a dental implant can help decayed or broken teeth that have been causing you any pain. Dentures can feel uncomfortable in your mouth or leave you feeling self conscious but an implant will fit comfortably. 

Dental Implants Benefits

Like mentioned earlier, dentures can cause many problems while dental implants offer great benefits and advantages. Usually the biggest advantage to people is it restores full chewing power and you will be able to brush and floss normally. Implants can last for a lifetime because of the components it is made of and how it integrates with the jawbone. Another advantage is implants prevent bone loss whereas dentures can accelerate bone loss. Facial structure changes can occur from missing teeth and implants will prevent facial sagging.

Dental Implants From AH Dentistry 

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