Teeth Whitening Done By A Professional

teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening is a simple and effective way to improve the appearance of your smile. Teeth whitening has been one of the most popular dental cosmetic procedures to make teeth brighter. Over the years, you may find yourself struggling with yellow teeth or stains from drinking coffee or red wine. If you have sensitive teeth, you may be frustrated with the side effects from whitening strips, whitening toothpastes, or a bleaching agent for teeth. Some people may toss out their whitening kit and go towards a natural whitening method such as using baking soda or coconut oil for whiter teeth. While some of these methods may work, they also may not last long.

Teeth Whitening At A Dental Office

At AH Dentistry, we provide a powerful yet safe whitening gel for our teeth whitening treatment.  The gel lightens the appearance of any discoloration or stains from teeth. Results depend on the individual’s situation and how your teeth respond to the treatment, but most patients see noticeable results after just one or two treatments. The results from the professional whitening treatment can last at least a few months but you can prolong the whitening effects if you follow certain steps such as:

  • Avoid staining drinks such as coffee, tea and wine or drink them with a straw
  • Avoid acidic foods that can make teeth look yellow and weaken tooth enamel
  • Rinse your mouth after eating but wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth may still be soft from bacterial acid and you can scratch the enamel surface
  • Brushing your teeth at least twice a day
  • Quit smoking or tobacco products
  • Attend routine dental check-ups and dental cleanings

Teeth Whitening Services From AH Dentistry

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