What Increases The Risk of Developing Cavities?

What Increases The Risk of Developing Cavities?

Your oral health is a top priority. Poor oral hygiene, high sugar intake, poor nutrition, infrequent teeth brushing, genetics, and a lack of dental visits can all contribute to cavities. By taking control of your oral health and regularly visiting your dentist, you can significantly reduce the risk of cavities. This proactive approach, combined with reducing sugary and corrosive food and drink intake, and maintaining good oral hygiene, can help you maintain a healthy smile. 

What Are Some Signs I May Have Cavities? 

Some signs that individuals may have cavities include pain, sensitivity to hot or cold, visible holes or pits on the teeth, discoloration or dark spots on the teeth, and persistent bad breath. In some cases, patients do not have any symptoms at all. However, they may still end up having a cavity. Cavities may require fillings, crowns, or fluoride, depending on the severity of the patients tooth decay.

Special Considerations: Personalized Cavity Treatment

At AH Dentistry, we understand that each patient is unique. Our skilled dentists, with their extensive experience and understanding, are adept at making special considerations and accommodations for their patients. Our team is here to ensure your dental experience is as comfortable as possible, instilling confidence in your care.  

Cavity Treatment at AH Dentistry

If you’re in need of cavity treatment in Ann Arbor, MI, Ypsilanti, MI, Dexter, MI, or the surrounding areas, AH Dentistry is here for you. Our team, led by Dr. Alberto A. Herrero, is committed to providing high-quality dental services that meet your unique needs. Contact our office today at (734) 222-9140 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alberto A. Herrero.

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