What To Look For In A Dental Office?

What To Look For In A Dental Office?

There are many characteristics and qualities that attract patients to commit to a specific dental office. When looking at an overview of the office you want to go somewhere clean, professional, and welcoming, anything less can quickly turn patients away. You should feel comfortable with the dentist and with the close interaction while they work on your teeth. Another thing to search for includes the ease of talking to the dentist, receptionist, or anyone else assisting you. Finally, you want to go to an office that is trustworthy, caring, and a good communicator. The staff should be able to help you understand everything about your visit, procedure, and answer any questions you may have. 

How To Find An Efficient Dental Office?

The last thing patients want is to go to a dental visit and have to wait hours to be seen, or have a mix-up in their scheduled appointment and have to return another day. You want to find an office that when calling, they answer quickly, no long hold times, and can professionally assist you with scheduling appointments and answering any questions. Finally, efficiency also consists of wait times not exceeding more than 15 minutes. This indicated that the office is scheduling with enough time in between appointments and that they are efficiently working to take care of their patients quickly and professionally without wasting any time. 

Dental Office At AH Dentistry 

AH Dentistry offers the utmost professionalism in assisting all its patients with their dental needs. Our dentist, Dr. Herrero will customize the best dental health plan and techniques to help your family achieve their oral health goals. Dr. Herrero practices family dentistry at our Ann Arbor, MI location while servicing patients in Dexter, MI, Pinckney, MI, Pittsfield Charter Township, MI, and surrounding areas. Our office has skilled doctors, dental hygienists, and dental assistants who will gladly help you get the smile you want. If you have any questions regarding our dental health services, please call our office today at (734) 222-9140 or contact us online.

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