Why You Should See a Family Dentist

Why You Should See a Family Dentist 

There are many reasons why your family should see a family dentist. Regular dentist appointments are essential for maintaining your family’s overall health. Family dentists are able to treat patients of all ages. This means your entire family can go to the same dentist’s office. The convenience of your entire family’s dental needs being taken care of in one place can’t be beaten.

The Importance of Seeing a Family Dentist 

Regular cleanings are important for fighting against tooth decay as well as identifying any potential problems early on. Some oral health issues can be genetic. Your family dentist will have complete records of your family’s dental information. This will allow them to determine if your children are at higher risk of certain oral health problems. Being able to take precautions against potential health threats is key to keeping your family healthy. It can also help you to avoid any surgeries that can be prevented. Your dentist will be able to help your family maintain optimal oral health.

Finding a Friendly Family Dentist

The dental office you chose to take your family is very important. Going to the dentist as a family will promote positive oral hygiene habits. You want to make sure that the dentist office is child-friendly. One bad experience as a child can create a long-lasting fear of dentists. If a dentist’s office does not have an inviting atmosphere it is best to trust your gut. Being friendly isn’t enough. You want to find a dental office with experienced and skilled staff. Your family dentist should be able to provide all of the dental care your family needs. They should offer a wide range of services including teeth cleaning, root canals, dental bridges, dental implants, braces, and more.

Family Dentist with AH Dentistry

Dr. Alberto A. Herrero is our experienced family dentist at AH Dentistry. Dr. Herrero is committed to providing personalized care to all of his patients. He will talk to you and suggest the best procedure to improve your family’s smile. We offer family dental services to Ann Arbor, MI, Pinckney, MI,  Dexter, MI, and the surrounding areas. Our staff is ready to help your family learn and maintain good oral health habits. If you have any questions regarding our family dental office or any of our dental services, call our office today at (734) 222-9140 or contact us online.

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